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Bad Gal Vibes

I always been a huge fan of Rihanna and I absolutely love her crazy fashion sense. I always get inspired by her outfit choices so I decided to re-create a few looks of my own. Many of you know that I am an avid thrift shopper, what better way to thrown in a challenge right? Both looks are either thrifted or just recycled items from my closet.

For the first outfit, I wanted to create an all denim look better know as a canadian tuxedo.

I chose an oversized men’s denim shirt and buttoned just the top so that the shirt could fly open and expose a cut-out bra-lette.

The second denim shirt is tied at the waist and tucked into a distressed mini skirt.

I finished the look with some over the knee chunky boots.

The second look might be my favorite. I live for a T-shirt dress because they are so simple and easy to style.

I DIY’d an oversized T-shirt from my closet to give it a little more edge and I styled it with a short slip dress that I found at the salvation army.

My over the knee peep toe boots complete the look.

If you have any suggestions of other celebrity looks I should re-create, comment below.

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