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How to Style White Jeans in the winter 2022

I just recently thrifted a pair of stunning white, high waisted, cropped jeans by banana republic and I've been so excited to style them this winter. I don't thrift often but when i find a gem like these I just simply have to share. If I can find a link to something similar I will put it here but for now let's get into these white jeans. My favorite thing about these in particular is the cut. They follow all the trends I'm currently obsessed with; They are high waisted to cover my belly and suck it in (a two for one). I have two favorite color combos that I've styled here but these jeans are so limitless!

One of my favorite combinations is chocolate brown + white. I have this little cut out, one sleeve top with a corset detail that pairs well with these jeans. These chocolate brown knee high boots are just so delicious! I love how soft the leather is and the square toe is so classic and timeless. The jeans just pair so well with that stiletto heeled boot and the leather is so soft that the boots scrunch down around the ankle, I'm obsessed. I thrifted a cute little chocolate brown bag that completed the look and the pants are wide legged and cropped which allows be to show off all the boots that I'm obsessed with this winter.

Now this second look is one I am also obsessed with. This white cropped turtle neck is so soft and meets right at the top of my jeans. I don't mind a little bit of my skin showing where the jeans meet the top and the whole look together is just so chic. These latex ankle boots are gorgeous with their sharp pointed toe and stiletto heel. This faux leather croc tote matches perfectly with the boots. I threw on a nice single breasted oatmeal fleece coat and honestly, it's a look.

This next outfit is a bit more flashy. These pointed toe rhinestone boots are the star of the show. The Perry Top features a pointed collar that matches the vibe of the boots and leads to a plunge neckline and wrap front. I added a pop of color with my bag. I love how chic and put together a monochromatic outfit looks and the pop of color is just the icing on the cake.

I cannot forget that I also thrifted this cable-knit sweater and I love how it looks with these white jeans. I wore the same boots and bag from one of the previously mentioned outfits but it looks so much more casual with this sweater. And if its an extra chilly day I could even throw the sweater on over the turtleneck for a look that is also functional. I love the zipper on this sweater because it can be worn open as a cardigan or zipped as shown here.

The last look follows a similar color story as many of the other outfits shown here. I love the spray paint print on this sweater and it also just so soft and cozy (not itchy at all). As you can see here, I love a good faux sweater tuck. It gives you that tucked sweater look without all the bulge in your pants, just tuck the sweater into the bottom band of your bra. Just dont lift your arms to high if you don't want to expose a little bit of midsection. I really don't mind it though.


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